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Voice lessons in Miami with me, Houston Simmons, is a cinch and your fastest and best way to learn how to be a great singer!

Click here if you want to:

  • learn how to get better at singing
  • be a force to be reckoned with on the next singing competitions ("The Voice" singing competition, X-Factor auditions, "American Idol" vocal competition)
  • develop guts, power and confidence and learn to how to sing like a pro

As your vocal coach, I listen to what your singing goals are and honestly guide you in how to become a singer that can accomplish what you want.

I teach you like all my other students immediately how to improve your singing voice and accomplish the dreams in your heart.

You like them will constantly achieve dramatic results with the tips and singing techniques I show you.

voice lesson student Ross G

Houston is fantastic. A man with a rare gift, Mr. Simmons pinpoints weaknesses and strengthens them, using his own techniques and great knowledge of the trade. I have taken four lessons with him so far, and I have already gained a better sound, greater confidence, and even more stage presence. I can truly say that I have hired the right guy as my vocal coach. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is absolutely serious about perfecting his/her voice.

Ross G.
Miramar, FL

One major difference my students love about our private voice lessons is that we set a goal for them to record their own CD in my studio.

You also will love showing, giving and maybe selling your very own CD downloads to others that show your singing progress.

jo ellen sings

I’ve been looking for the right singing instruction for quality voice lessons my whole life but now I finally found Houston Simmons.
He is a unique voice teacher.
I’ve been studying with him for a month and it’s already evident he's the best singing voice coach to make me a professional singer.
The singing techniques that Houston Simmons teaches provide me self-confidence..
He identifies my problems and tells me exactly how to fix it. I see fast improvement every week.
I can feel the changes in my whole body. Now every time I sing, I hear a new singing voice coming out!
I am so excited. I can now control my voice exactly how I want!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Click and listen to me now!

Impress your family, friends and music talent scouts of your new found great singing voice by handing them a professional produced CD download of YOU.

Fulfill your dreams and check out the new Discount Rates for you today..

singing voice student

"My last voice lesson with Mr Houston Simmons was great , I'm making a lot of improvements , I only have three weeks :) can't wait to go back . He is a wonderful professional professor."
Miami, FL

The singing tips for beginners I give will help your voice expand to become a great singing voice.
The vocal tips you get as an advanced singer will make your voice soar!!

You, like so many others, will see and hear constant and dramatic vocal improvements with the tips and techniques I show you.

Call Houston Simmons now at 954-456-4144 to Improve Your Singing Voice Today.

I had a great first voice lesson with Mr. Houston Simmons. He is very motivational, inspiring and knowledgeable. I look forward to more lessons and becoming the best singer and performer I can be!

Jay B.
Miramar, FL

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