The best!

Mr. Simmons is one of best teacher ever. He know how to improve your sing and he know how to teach you step by step everything you have to know about singing. My recommendation for anyone who need singing classes.

Lara V.

Lara V. on September 13, 2016
5/5 stars

Great Lesson

My first lesson went spectacular. Houston is very professional and really knows how to make you feel comfortable singing around him. I saw instant improvement when I applied his techniques to my singing.

Joseph T. on September 11, 2016
5/5 stars

My son Julian is 8 years old. He was very shy and timid, and refused to sing in front of anyone however after 2 lessons with the great Houston Simmons, he was singing with a more powerful voice, and had confidence. Mr.Simmons is a dedicated professional with whom you can learn how to develop your voice and perfect it. I highly recommend Houston Simmons. He is the best vocal coach, hands down. Id never go elsewhere and neither should you. I am so happy we found him. I hope to audition Julian for La Voz kids one day. Thank you Houston Simmons for your patience and dedication. Serena D 'oleo and Julian Hendler

Serena P. on June 10, 2016
5/5 stars Singing Lessons (for adults) Verified Review

Mr. Simmons is amazing, with my first voice lesson my voice changed so much. He's a true expert and he's worth it.

Ana C. on January 20, 2016
5/5 stars Singing Lessons (for adults) Verified Review

Manuela F. on October 22, 2015
5/5 stars Singing Lessons (for adults) Verified Review

Houston is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about singing. He successfully balances instilling focus and discipline with his fun and bright attitude that makes the overall experience joyful and fulfilling. Can't wait to continue!

Gabriela G. on September 21, 2015
5/5 stars Singing Lessons Verified Review

I've only had a couple lessons with Mr. Simmons so far, but I've had so much fun learning from him. I was so nervous to start singing again, but he's helped build up my confidence and now every week, I look forward to going to my lessons!

Divya M. on January 29, 2015
5/5 stars

Hello Simmons

My name is Julieta Lujan, I am a producer for a TV Show called "La Banda” created by Simon Cowell and Univision. The reason I am sending this email to you is because we are looking for boys between the ages of 14 to 21 that can sing. The show consist in creating a boy band like "One Direction” if you have any boys that might be interested below you can find the necessary information to participate.

Boy, between the ages of 14 to 21, USA permanent resident or Citizenship and has to speak Spanish (enough to be able to communicate).

Register at:

If you think you know the perfect boy for the show, please let me know so we can gave him a direct pass for the auditions.

If you have any questions you can reach me at: 305.267.0821 Ext: 5823 and email me to


Julieta L. on January 14, 2015
5/5 stars

Mr. Simmons is a very professional, highly organized and knowledgeable teacher that can guide you through.
You will improve your breathing, diction, style and many more by taking classes with him.

Diana S. on December 25, 2014
5/5 stars Singing Lessons Verified Review

Houston Simmons is an excellent teacher for those who looking to better their voice, confidence, stage presence and all around skill. I not only look at him as a voice lessons teacher but an artist developer who has the knowledge and skill set to help you move to your next BEST level, regardless of what level you're at now. He's awesome!!!

Sh'Kia D. on December 17, 2014
5/5 stars Singing Lessons Verified Review

Very professional and nice. I highly recoment Houston Simmons

Sonia G. on December 13, 2014
5/5 stars Singing Lessons (for adults) Verified Review

I'm from Caracas, Venezuela and i'm moving to Miami permanently, soon. I am fortunate to have a great vocal instructor, like Houston Simmons . In 7 lessons, he taught me many vocal techniques that i've never learned before in prior singing lessons in Venezuela. Every class I've had with him, has been a great help for me, by building more confidence in singing my voice. I'm also enjoying reading his book which also is helping me to learn new things. Every class with him, I enjoy it and I wish that it never finishes. I thank God for letting me have Houston Simmons as a vocal instructor and I'm looking forward to being progressive in the future lessons with him.

Nathalie E. on November 6, 2014
5/5 stars Singing Lessons Verified Review

Within five minutes of getting to know each other I was already comfortable with Mr.Houston which made it easier to get over my fear of singing in front of people. From the first lesson, he already discovered my sound as well as what needs improvement which was great. I'm really excited to see how I progress with these lessons with Mr. Houston.

Jessika L. on June 10, 2014
5/5 stars

I have been working with Mr. Simmons for quite some time now . My experience with him since leaving a previous vocal coach has been a wonderful experience . He has taken the time to get to know me as a vocalist my goals and my ability . Since being with Mr. Simmons I have learned so much more about vocalizing and myself as an artist ! I can appreciate how hard he pushes me even when I frustrated and ready to give up . So very happy and blessed to have met Mr. Simmons and have him apart of my team ! I look forward to growing with Mr.simmons and my craft.

Ri'za M. on May 15, 2014
5/5 stars

I have only had one lesson with Huston Simmons so far, but it was very promising. He clearly knows a great deal about the voice, and how to use it properly; I'm looking forward to future lessons that will allow my voice to obtain more of the rich depth I desire!

Jasmine M. on November 20, 2013
5/5 stars

I've taken lessons with Houston for about a month. I am the kind of learner that benefits from having well-defined expectations and assignments, and Houston is really great for that. His lessons follow a structured format: 1) reviewing the fundamentals of singing, 2) a breathing exercise, 3) a vocal exercise, and 4) some time spent on the song. He is very good at tracking time and staying focused on the task at hand, so even though my lesson was only 30 minutes, we got a LOT done. I really felt like we made the most of our time together.

Furthermore, he is very friendly, nonjudgmental, and I felt at ease singing with him. In my brief time with him, I've already learned a lot: he has his students perform the exercises in front of a mirror so we can see what he sees, and identify what's going wrong/right with my breathing on my own, outside of our lesson. As a result, I'm really learning techniques I can take with me. Thank you Houston! :)

Christine H. on October 15, 2013
5/5 stars

My daughter Sandi has been training in the Theatrical Arts since age 3. She has performed professionally on Stage,Screen,Concert and Print venues. Sandi has been taught by many of the best vocal teachers in South Florida. I believe that Houston Simmons is a level beyond those teachers. He is not only an excellent vocal teacher, but additionally coaches Sandi in a way to bring out her unique style. He also instructs her how to create a performance which will not only entertain the audience, but hold their attention. This in my opinion is as important as a beautiful voice if you want to be successful as a singer. if you are looking for a Vocal Teacher to further develop your singing skills as well as your own unique sound and performance capabilities, then I can recommend Houston Simmons to you without reservation.

Robert Besen, M.D. B. on September 22, 2013
5/5 stars Singing Lessons Verified Review

Our first lesson was more than I expected. I appreciated Houston's passion for the art he so loves. I know my son is going to get the most from future lessons. I look forward to the finished success of my son. I love that he is challenging my son to be his best.

Donna J. on May 20, 2013
5/5 stars

Very pleasant. He's professional and friendly at the same time. Makes the session comfortable and knows exactly what he is teaching. We spoke of important terms and began training with breathing techniques. Recording the session was an excellent idea to always keep a fresh memory of the lesson learned. Looking forward to y next class.

Cristina E. on April 13, 2013
5/5 stars Singing Lessons Verified Review

I met with Mr. Simmons a few months ago an was already impressed by the way he broke singing down in its simplest form not even taking a single Lessing yet. I started my first just a week ago an i already feel like a singer. This guy knows his music. I can truly say with honesty, Mr. Simmons is a wonderful teacher, Thank u Mr. Simmons for having the patience and the time to help me become a better singer.

Terry W. on March 17, 2013
5/5 stars Singing Lessons Verified Review

Houston Simmons is very much a professional at what he does as a vocal coach! I'm truly HAPPY I'm working with him to get my voice to here I think it should be...

Maurice W. on March 16, 2013
5/5 stars Singing Lessons Verified Review

Dear All,
This is a very good experience for us, Nicole and Guy, to work with Mr. Houston Simmons who is teaching vocal lessons to our daughter Moisa Wroy. She's been at her second half an hour lesson. We appreciate the way of teaching of Mr Simmons and would naturally rate him an excellent 5 stars.

Moisa W. on February 20, 2013
5/5 stars Singing Lessons Verified Review

It was a great learning experience. No complaints.

Robert N. on January 9, 2013
5/5 stars Singing Lessons Verified Review

This man as an amazing teacher. I had only 3 lessons with him so far, but I was enjoying every minute. He is so talented and inspiring. He really knows what he's doing. It's very hard to find the teacher like him!

Daria D. on January 7, 2013
5/5 stars Singing Lessons Verified Review

Houston is fantastic. A man with a rare gift, Mr. Simmons pinpoints weaknesses and strengthens them, using his own techniques and great knowledge of the trade. I have taken four lessons with him so far, and I have already gained a better sound, greater confidence, and even more stage presence. I can truly say that I have hired the right guy as my vocal coach. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is absolutely serious about perfecting his/her voice.

Ross G. on October 26, 2012
You replied to this review on December 5, 2012
Thanks. As we progress, I look forward to turning on my TV and seeing you "blow them away" on "The Voice." Keep up the good work. Let's do this thang! :)